Reading Guide


Selections Book

* Beautiful Buildings

Read the story.

In the blanks write the name of the building that matches the descriptions.:

a)  It has 52 chimneys, 365 windows _______________________________

b)  Built in 1881, it's 6 stories high _________________________________

c)  It's taller than the Eiffel Tower __________________________________

d)  Today is a golf resort and hotel _________________________________

e)  Originally it was a restaurant, but is now a museum _________________

f)  It's built an a rock above a waterfall ______________________________

g)  It looks like a ship with sails ____________________________________

h)  On a man  - made island ______________________________________



  Adare Menor (Ireland)   Buri - al Arab (Dubai)    
    Fallingwater (U.S.A.)   WCY (U.S.A.)  


*  Be a fashion designer!

REad the sentences.  Write true of false

a)  Designers jus for children __________________________________

b)  Fashion designers create special clothes for almost any purpose ____________________________

c)  Fashion designers only design exprensive clothes ____________________________________

d)  Fashion design is like a contest where people try to design the best clothes. ___________________


*  Choose a reading and take a notes about main idea, detail sentences and cncluding sentences.  Illustrate.